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Resources for Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine


Free tools, templates, trainings, recipes, and resources from the best Healthpreneur experts that will help you learn and live your best life in 2022.

Ignite Your Goals and Intentions with the Transformational Resources You'll Discover in the Whole Health IMPACT - SPRING INTO HEALTH - Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine!! Giveaway.


 SPRING INTO HEALTH 2022 Giveaway Extravaganza

On this page, you’ll discover thousands of dollars in complementary resources including in-depth, content-rich ecourses, meditations, video courses and so much more.

When you register for the Whole Health IMPACT Spring Into Health 2022 Giveaway, you'll receive access to a transformational library of high-value gifts to empower, inspire and support you in mastering  your healthy lifestyle and your healthy eating and SPRING INTO HEALTH Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine!

  • Get through the Holidays with a new set of healthy lifestyle activities and tools
  • Have delicious recipes that will help you create the dishes that you and your family will love
  • Create a healthier future for yourself and your family.

This list of resource gifts are from some of the top Healthpreneurs who advocate for you living USING LIFESTYLE AND FOOD AS MEDICINE.

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The Giveaway will end on April 30th, 2022, so download your gifts as soon as possible. After April 30th, they will be gone forever.


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Flush out harmful toxins and recharge the body with the nutrients it needs for optimal health. Dr. Bradley shares how to have Weight Loss, Better Immune System, Increased Energy, Radiant Skin, & Relief from many issues.

With over 40 loss events that one might experience, how will you handle your next or one that has already occurred? In the pages of this excerpt, Karen shows you the way to get answers that will guide you on the journey.

If you’ve thought about cleaning up the way that you eat, yet you looked for information and ended up overwhelmed and confused, this ebook is where you can start. Judy Hahn is the trusted expert who makes this simple.

When the vision you had of the life you wanted to live is different then how life really is, use the 4 C's as the keys to unlock your power in business and in life. Bernadette shares her method so you can create the vision to have the life you want to live.

Struggling with your self-confidence, imposter syndrome, or anxiety? Download and listen to this before going to sleep to wake up refreshed: The BEST YOU HYPNOSIS AUDIO 

Delicious, healthy, highly alkaline and nutritious foods and the ways to prepare and serve them. The medical resources used to confirm benefits and a Shopping List help you put more of these foods into your eating regimen. 

Have you experienced transformation by the power of a plant-based diet? Become part of a growing movement and complete this one-page survey sharing your results, adding to the scoreboard and get your 7 Best Practices book. Let's celebrate success.

It's time to stop bumping up against the same issues again and again. If you're wondering what it will take to end repeated numbing out, over-giving, over-eating, holding emotional pain in your body, or getting others to respect your boundaries, this package is for you! 

Positively impact our immune system, promote rapid healing, ease inflammation, create weight loss, eliminate heart disease, and improve overall health with food, water, exercise, sleep and thoughts. Subscribe to this email series to learn from the medical doctors who believe in Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine. Get info, recipes, success stories and more!

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SPRING INTO HEALTH - Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine!



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