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If you are a health and wellness practitioner who is also in the conversation of Using Lifestyle and Food as Medicine, we invite you to be a part of the Healthpreneurs IMPACT Community, the Collaborative that helps Healthpreneurs increase their visibility, reach, influence, revenue, and IMPACT by helping connect you to your ideal clients and customers with tools and resourses you may not have had until now.


We advocate for People, Plants and the Planet


Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine Never Tasted So Good!

We're Suffering...

More than 50% of our global population is overweight and/or sick. Root causes of many diseases have been directly linked to food and lifestyle, and these health improvement methods are not ones that most Western Medicine Practitioners prescribe or subscribe to.

90+% of the medical community is adding to the rising rates of illness and truthfully, it's not entirely their fault. 

We humans have to take back our power to create our best health, our greatest wealth, learn to ask better questions and stand up for alternative holistic solutions from our natural resources.

Our wealth also includes a financial ecology and innovative approaches to supporting our health with financial freedom.

We are HEALTHPRENEUR DYNAMICS, a collaborative of Healthpreneurs united to bring education, information, our gifts, and support to those suffering and those who want to prevent suffering. We also know that we must take responsibility for our own health and learn to advocate for what God provided us in the earth, while taking care of the earth, its inhabitants and resources, as it takes care of us.

Below are some examples of things we think you will be interested in that our Healthpreneurs have gifted. 


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The P3 Digital Marketing team supports Healthpreneurs with digital promotional marketing to accelerate reach and impact.

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Many of our valued Healthpreneurs want help for themselves or clients through the art and IMPACT of hypnosis.

Whole Health IMPACT 2022 Spring Giveaway Event

Get any or all of the Free Resources to support those on the journey of Using Lifestyle and Food As Medicine. (March 2022)

Whole Health IMPACT Summit
 2022 Event

Healthpreneurs share their knowledge and expertise with solutions that support USING LIFESTYLE AND FOOD AS MEDICINE

Health, Wisdom & Wealth Shows

POWERFUL  CONVERSATIONS  FOR  LIVING  YOUR  BEST LIFE!   Watch the shows that interest you with Healthpreneurs about how you can live a more powerful healthy life.

Healthy Lifestyle & Courses, Recipes & Recommendations

We all want the best and there are quick and easy ways to get started. Our trusted resources and recommendations can be a guide on the journey to your best health.

Healthy Lives Scoreboard

What if you could improve the health of others by simply answering one question or sharing your story? Click the link and Take the survey at: WeDidIt.Health

Wealth and Talent Dynamics for Healthpreneurs

Every Healthpreneur must have a wealth accumulation plan for self and your business, along with a plan for acquiring and developing talent that supports your flow.

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Our mission and objective is to serve Healthpreneurs in providing what will help you reach more to serve more for us to live our best lives.

Let us know how we can help and we will do our best to provide you with the answers you seek.


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